The Treasure of Toys

Did you ever think your childhood favorites might be your favorite investments today? Take a look at the toys you (or mom) has tucked away as keepsakes, you might be sitting on a treasure or two. Of course these delightful tokens of youth are often priceless in the bank of soulful memories, but as the year’s auctions have shown, there is more than sentimental value in toys.
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Passionate about antique gas pumps

Despite the recent downward trend in gasoline prices, the fear of filling up and anguish while pulling up to the pump is still a regular response. One of the only places where pumps are greeted with enthusiasm is in the company of gas pump collectors, and those passionate about petroliana … Read More +

Collector’s Guide To PEZ 3rd Edition

   Yes, we’re working on a new edition of Shawn Peterson’s best-selling PEZ book, the Collector’s Guide to PEZ. At a hefty 256 pages, this 3rd Edition is the definitive guide to all things PEZ. Shawn includes a nice history of … Read More +