The Treasure of Toys

As we watch toys take center stage everywhere from major auction houses and regional shows, to online bidding boards, it’s exciting to see more collectors and investors turning to these nostalgic treasures. The one book that can help you make smart decisions whether you’re the one buying, or the person selling, is Toys & Prices 2010 Price Guide. New editor Justin Moen’s take for this 17th edition brings the landscape of collectible toys to a contemporary level. With 32,000 toys and 95,000 values, Moen truly helps to clarify the word “vintage,” when applied to post-war toys.

toys & pricesA special feature of this new edition of the top-selling yearly price guide to post-war toys, is a heavy selection of 80s playthings. The characters that came out of the 1980s continue to make a positive impact on our pop culture such as the recently released sci-fi and action movies. Adding them to the latest edition is a noticeable evolution in toy collecting and more relevant to a broader cross section of today’s general collecting and shopping public. The inclusion of this information in this edition is important as Generation X begins to look back on their childhood with misty eyes and extra money in its pockets.

The 1980s are a respectable and important time in toy collecting chronology – especially for boys. The decade gave us a new scale G.I. Joe figure, Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers. For girls the decade also brought in memorable characters such as Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch dolls (remember the holiday shortages?) To take it a step further, I think perhaps a 16-page color package on “The Totally Rad World of 80s Toys” could stand on its own as a nostalgia primer.

Another feature of this book that I really enjoy, and believe many other collectors will too, is the reiteration of the vintage toy timeline by contributing expert, veteran toy dealer and author Mark Bellomo. His take will help anyone looking for a basic understanding of the release of popular toys of the last 40 years, and offer a useful gauge when you’re trying to determine the accurate identity of a toy. In addition, Bellomo also pulls out trends for 2010 with some surprising predictions you won’t want to miss reading about.

Last, but certainly not least, Moen’s practical valuation structure and downright remarkable ability to find photographs of very obscure toys will help you get the most out of any deal, whether you are buying or selling.

If you have a previous edition of this exceptional reference in your library, this is a great time to get the newest information with same reliability of past editions. It’s a great gift for fellow collectors, people with a collection of toys, or anyone who simply appreciates these childhood treasures for their collectability. When you place an order for this book by Nov. 23 you’ll not only earn the 32 percent discount you get when you order it at, but you’ll also receive FREE U.S. SHIPPING*. In all, that’s a savings of more than $11 (with the discount). All you need to do is enter Coupon Code ATRBART111709 when prompted in the shopping cart area of the checkout, and you’ll receive your savings.
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