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For a very long time now the “Complete Price Guide to Watches” has been an excellent resource for most anyone involved in buying, collecting, or selling small timepieces.

The latest 2020 volume is their 30th edition. It is loaded with more than 7,800 illustrations along with more than 10,000 listings for watches.

Included in the massive edition are American pocket watches, European pocket watches, and comic and character watches.

The book, according to is introduction, “does not attempt to establish or fix values or selling prices in the watch trade market. It does, however, reflect the trends in buying and selling in the collector market.”

Prices in the volume are based on data collected and analyzed from auctions, Internet sales and dealer price lists throughout the world. The authors stress, however, the material in the book is to serve only as a guide.

The listings, however, are extensive. The American pocket watch listings, for example, range from Abbott’s Stem Wind and the Adams Perry Watch Manufacturing Company to the E.N. Welch Manufacturing Company and the Wichita Watch Company.

The comic and character watch section alone lists hundreds of examples, from a 1951 issue from U.S. Time featuring Alice in Wonderland to a choice Yogi Bear model from Bradley in 1964.

The authors are Tom Engle, Richard Gilbert, and Cooksey Shugart. All three have been active in the watch business since the 1960s. ?


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