From the Editor: The purpose of change

The line is increasingly blurred, there’s no denying it.

It is with great pleasure, after a tremendous amount of hard work by the Antique Trader staff and management (Associate Editor Sandra Sparks, Web Editor Karen Knapstein, Editorial Director Robyn Austin, Associate Publisher Scott Tappa, the whole Web team and upper management at F+W Publications) that we introduce to you the brand new, enhanced – and beautiful – Antique Trader Web site at

This new, easy-to-navigate and packed with fresh information Web site represents many months of behind the scenes wrangling and work. You’ll find a vast archive of AT articles from past issues – to the tune of at least 1,000 pieces of editorial – as well as blogs, forums, sweepstakes, calendars and directories. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.

The new represents a new dimension of coverage for our venerable publication – it is not a replacement. The print version of AT that you hold in your hand is not going anywhere. Rather, we have striven to create a print and digital product that are complimentary to one another.

Read your favorite columns and features in print, revel in the aesthetic satisfaction of feeling paper in hand, the smell of newsprint, and then go online for more pictures, links and resources. You’ll find the two sides of the AT coin go together like peanut butter and jelly and you, faithful AT reader, are the bread that holds it all together.

Is print dead? Absolutely not. Has the Internet taken over everything? No way. Can you deny the importance of one to the other? Impossible.

There is much hand-wringing in the print business over the decline in circulation across the board. This can’t be ignored, but there will always be a place for print, especially a print product that is fully integrated with its digital counterpart. That, we believe, is exactly what we’ve done; created two parts of a whole that have to have each other.

No matter what the future brings for the antiques business, for Antique Trader, or for this editor, this integration is the way of the future.

As a great poet once said, “You’re old road is rapidly aging. Get out of the new road if you can’t lend a hand. Oh the times, they are a-changing.”