Letters to the Editor: Collectors want to learn

Collectors open to learning

When I first walked into my sister-in-law’s house and saw a dark, walnut drum table next to a modern/contemporary, cream sofa, I was amazed that antiques would mix with modern and said as much.

She then showed me some of her collectibles and graced me with a cut glass bowl when I left.

My frustration began almost immediately when I would shop for antiques and have to ask age, maker, etc. The best shop I found had a tag on each item.

Many items had a photo, such as, how the antique table next to my sister-in-law’s cream sofa, would compliment each other.

On glass items a sample, or photo of the maker’s mark was given, and on furniture and other items, the tag explained where to find a mark (back of chest, bottom of third drawer, etc.)

Without these aids I feel as if I’m trying to read a book with every other word missing. Needless to say, most of my purchases come from that shop.

My beautiful cut glass bowl now sits on a ’40s shelf above my thin, wall-mounted flat screen (television).

Dealers and shop owners – TEACH US, please.

Janey Jordan
Everman, Texas

Readers answer the Question of the Week: What is your favorite buying or selling memory of 2009.

My favorite buying memory of 2009 was buying a necklace of vintage quality MiriamHaskell – just beautiful. This jewelry was made for 57 years, although she is no longer living. If you’re lucky, you can find a piece now and then. Her name is on the back. I love watching Antiques Roadshow and receive the magazine.
Wanda Priest
Fredericktown, Mo.

Responding to your question concerning what is your favorite buying memory for 2009 there is a old saying that says, “being at the right place at the right time” and this happened to me. I acquired an old oil painting that was done by Americo Makk when he and his wife were commissioned by the Brazilian Government to go on a two-year trek thru the Amazon Rain Forest to study and paint the region’s native tribes and scenery. It is signed in the lower left hand corner: A.Makk AMAZONAS.

The oil painting depicts a floating house on a barge of sorts. I was told that a lady looked at it earlier but did not like the brushstrokes.
Thomas Allshouse
East Brady, Pa.

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