Letters to the Editor: Confederate flag sacred symbol

Confederate flag sacred symbol

I noticed the sale of a Battle Flag (July 15, page 22). Eternal shame to you and anyone purchasing such a sacred symbol of honour and sacrifice.

You realize that such an item is paramount to stolen property and should be returned to the State of its origin.

Although this is distressing, I have learned to expect little from Yankees and normally experience less.

Thank you for confirming this perception.

J.C. Dunn
Proud Son of Tennessee

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Varga’s work eternally tasteful

The Vargas nude drawing (July 8, page 14) is a lovely depiction of the female form and was the forerunner of all of those gorgeous calendars and pin up posters of the 40s and 50s that did so much for the morale of our soldiers overseas, as well as for us here at home.

The Vargas Girls were healthy-looking, long-legged beauties with wonderful smiles, who managed to look sexy without looking cheap, unlike the skin-covered bones that pass for sexy today. There was not one whiff of silicone OR collagen, either. They were just wholesome and REAL!!

We will never see anything like them again. More’s the pity!! Good health AND beauty are NEVER inappropriate!!

Lou Oliva
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