Readers’ Letters: Washington’s birthday still celebrated ; eBay complaints; railroad sheet music collectors

Washington’s birthday still devoutly celebrated

celebrating george washington's birthday postcardsRegarding the Antique Trader (article Celebrate President’s Day in style with George Washington and vintage postcards) Yes, Barbara Andrews, the Greater Washington Area Historical Society of Washington, Mich., celebrates George Washington’s birthday every year.

We begin the end of January by holding an art contest for third, fourth and fifth grade students of the Washington Elementary School, next door to our museum. They are asked to draw a picture of George Washington. Last year, they were judged by facial likeness, and this year, the background counted.

Two weeks before the birthday celebration, we hold an open house where the top 27 pictures are displayed, and guests are invited to a buffet of cherry desserts. On or about Feb. 22, a little ceremony is held at the school where the winners are announced and the top 27 finalists are invited to a pizza luncheon at the museum. The top three are awarded U.S. savings bonds.

In 2008, in commemoration of Washington’s birthday, we issued a cookbook of all cherry desserts. A limited supply of those books is still available for $10 each, postpaid, and may be ordered from Washington Historical Society, P.O. Box 94144, Washington, MI 48094.

Muriel O’Brien, Secretary,
Greater Washington Area Historical Society

Reader has two words for those upset with eBay

I have two words for all of the people upset with eBay fees: Leave eBay. I am fed up with eBay as I am with the government and taxes.

eBay isn’t the only game in town. If you shop in a specific store and they are rude to you, you don’t go back. If you buy a specific brand of meat and find flies in it (as I did), then you never buy that brand again. There are several websites where anyone can sell or auction goods. Here are just a few:;;;;;

The Antique Trader is a great source of information for me. In the “Events Calendar,” in the back of the book, I can find when and where shows are happening. In the “Web Connections” and classifieds, I can find dealers/auction houses/buyers. In the “Business Directory,” I can find businesses in my state and surrounding states that would make for a nice little weekend trip of pure enjoyment.

I think enough people just don’t know about the Antique Trader magazine. We have to change that.

Grace Hash,
Seymour, Tenn.

‘Hail the Baltimore & Ohio’ of interest to both railroad and sheet music enthusiasts

hail the baltimore & Ohio railroad sheet music
The enclosed copy of a piece of sheet music is rather interesting. I looked up sheet music on the Internet and had no results finding this piece of music.baltimore ohio railroad sheet music

The steam locomotive is the “President Washington.” I went on the Internet and no results. However, I thought this would be of interest to railroad fans. The copyright date is 1927 by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co.

While I am writing, thought you would like to know we enjoy the downsized version of the Antique Trader.

T.O. Duncan
Arkadelphia, Ark.

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