When should Antique Trader subscribers receive their magazines?

We think this is an important message so we want to share it here on the Antique Trader blog (as well as in the print magazine).

We recently received this letter from a reader regarding their subscription of Antique Trader magazine:

I love the new format of the magazine, but my problem is when I receive it. On Aug. 23rd, I received my Aug. 18 and my Aug. 25 issues on the same day. It seems I am always getting my issues late. I find out about auctions and flea markets, etc., after the fact. Is there anything that can be done to make sure we get our copies in a more timely manner, or is this just our great postal department? Should I be getting my copy after the date on it or before the date on it? Thanks,
Brad Cresto
Marseilles, Ill.

Our response:

Brad, Thank you for letting us know about your delivery problems. Our new format has all but ended long delivery delays nationwide. Our experts here think the problem lies with the post office and have seen other delivery problems in your region. Since you are in Illinois, your issue should arrive about a week before the cover date.

— Eric

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