restored antique doll

Restored antique doll.

This particular doll was the result of a frantic phone call to the Jack and Jill Doll Hospital from a husband in Nebraska who had accidentally knocked it off the top of a piece of furniture, breaking it into pieces. He called Jill Alvord, just about pleading her to take on this project. This was his wife’s aunt’s beloved doll; his wife was heartbroken and very upset with him. When Alvord received it, she realized it was very dirty besides broken. Luckily, she recognized that the bisque shoulder head was a common German head maker and number, and it could easily be replaced. After searching online for a couple of months she found a head at a reasonable price, allowing the replacement of the broken head with the correct vintage head. The replacement head had blue eyes, so she replaced them with the brown eyes from the broken head. The dress was carefully washed and cleaned of more than 100 years of dirt, what was thought to have been a mauve dress was actually light pink. Antique trim was added down the front, and Alvord made her a human hair wig in a style indicative of the era the same color as her original wig, which was thread bare. Her half arms were also cleaned. She only had one shoe so Alvord used a vintage look, newer replacements appropriate for the doll’s age. Photo courtesy Jill Alvord, Jack and Jill Doll Hospital