Antiques Scammer nabbed in Miami

Eric Bradley, the Show Manager of Atlantique City – which is owned by Trader’s parent company, F+W Publications – was in Miami Beach over the weekend at the big show there – lucky man to be away from Midwest cold and snow. Evidently there was a scammer passing bad checks on the floor, and thanks to the actions of some dealers, the guy was picked up and a most-  if not all – of the merch found.

Here’s what Eric wrote from the floor:

Miami police arrested a man on Sunday suspected of passing bogus checks proportedly worth at least $10,000 at the  Miami Beach Antiques Show. The man is suspected to have been working with an accomplice.

The cops nabbed him after our good friend Howard Roberts spotted a guy who fit the description of a man who passed a phony $4,400 check to one of his friends the day before. The man – who claimed to be from Philadelphia but spoke with a Russian accent –  was identified while he was browsing some jewelry in the booth of dealer Michael Weinstein (who also does Atlantique City). After interrogating the man, police sought search warrants for three Miami-area hotel rooms. Not sure if any were in Miami Beach proper.  

Police were able to recover items stolen with the bad checks on Sunday. It’s not clear if they were unable to secure some, or all, of the merch purchased on Saturday.

The Miami police should have a report shortly. It will be in the local press soon!


Trader will keep an eye on this in the next few days, but thanks Eric!