Back to it! Antiques blogging forever!

After two long weeks away from my beloved AT blog, I am finally back in the office and ready to get back down to regular posting. I’m tired from a 5-hour layover in the hotbox of Chicago’s O’Hare airport, and beat from 5 days of straight running at the show, bu otherwise fine, thanks…

First, however, I have to decompress for about 5 minutes from the Atlantique City show, and then put together an entire paper before the end of the day. This should be fun, but I will definitely put some stuff up today hopefully, but for sure tomorrow. My co-blogger and web editor Karen (who has done a fabulous job in my absence, I might add) will hopefully continue to post as well, keeping us the most prolific and fast-moving blog in the biz.

It’s good to be back.