Big prices from Americana Week Auctions

It’s no surprise that the accounts of Americana Week sales in NYC are generally positive. You get that much great stuff, that many high-end dealers and that many rich people and… Recession? What recession?

The question is always, after Americana Week, will it filter down to the rest of the market for the rest of the year? I have my own opinions, and anybody that’s read my editorials probably already knows what it is. If you really want to know, and don’t yet, email me and I’m happy to discuss it.

Meanwhile, the news from Christies and Sotheby’s was huge, with Christie’s posting absolutely huge numbers! Check them out below, and keep reading after!

Those are some big number, that’s for sure, and some beautiful stuff.

Here’s the scalloped table that caused such a stir, and don’t set that drink on it without a coaster!

Lovely, to be sure. $5.4 million? Hmmm… If you got it, then why not spend it?