Blue & White Pottery Club planning 28th annual convention

Blue & White Stoneware
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — The Blue & White Pottery Club was founded in 1981 by ardent Blue & White Stoneware pottery collectors and enthusiasts, principally in the Midwest. The club’s interests include Blue & White, Uhl, Blue & Gray (Utica/Flemish), Sleepy Eye, Spongeware, Red Wing, and other stoneware. The club has more than 345 members.

The Blue & White Pottery Club shares information, encourages learning, and fosters an appreciation of the variety and collectability of Blue & White stoneware pottery. Equally important goals are the promotion and nurturing of friendships with fellow collectors and to further the opportunity for new discoveries and information about Blue & White pottery.

Attending the club’s annual convention each June is a highlight of membership. Convention is held at various locations in the Midwest with convention activities including a Blue & White stoneware pottery show and sale and auction, member displays, room sales, banquet, educational workshops, and opportunities to meet other Blue & White stoneware collectors.

The 28th annual convention will be held June 11-13, 2009, at the Cedar Rapids Marriott in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. One of the highlights of the convention is the Club Consignment Auction. A few of the special pieces up for auction include a rare Blue & White Fort Dodge stoneware mini jug; Red Wing sponged Cherryband pitcher advertising “The Peterson Co” and a standing Indian pitcher.

A membership form to join the Blue & White Pottery Club can be found on their Web site at You will also find this year’s convention agenda along with more information about convention and the Blue & White Pottery Club.