Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair returns in January

BRUSSELS, Belgium – From Jan. 22-31 Tour & Taxis, the industrial heritage site, will pull out all the stops to welcome more than 120 of the top Belgian and foreign art dealers to the Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair.

Ancient roman statues, proud Greek torsos and impassive busts of the Buddha will be vying for attention with modern portraits, contemporary creations and animal sculptures in decors harmoniously combining classical and designer furnishings. As visitors wander aisles that metamorphose into forest paths, the will be able to admire a curiosity here or a rare book or an inlaid chest of drawers there, and to enjoy an outstanding exhibition of the treasures of the Museums of the City of Liège.

Firmly loyal to tradition, yet open to the world and with an ear for the trends on the art markets, BRAFA 2010 will once again be taking up the challenge of offering its visitors a complete range of artistic creation from every era, in every style, from every continent, while paying the most painstaking attention to the quality of the works and objets d’art presented. All exhibitors have all met this requirement, with the aim of astonishing, captivating, and persuading visitors, whether seasoned collectors or simple art lovers.

The panel of dealers attending will offer a fine balance between safe value, regular participants, rising stars, and young promise. Large numbers of foreign galleries have once again responded to the invitations sent out by the organizing committee, thus demonstrating that, in a difficult economic climate, the Brussels event, at the heart of Europe retains a strong pull due to the potential and quality of the public who will be attending, the excellence of its organization, and the friendliness of the event.

The most loyal visitors to the fair will be pleased in the Old Masters section to see the return of Georges De Jonckheere, Paris, and Jacques Leegenhoek, Paris, alongside Galeries Pintelon, Aalst, Klaas Muller, Brussels, Florence de Voldère, Paris, Alexis Bordes, Paris, Jean-Marie Le Fell, Paris, and Dr Riedl, Munich, with Mendès, Paris, taking part for the first time.

Primitive art has established itself as one of the strengths of the BRAFA, and will be one of its most important growth areas in the coming years. Starting this year, the fair will be bringing together the only selection of its kind anywhere in the world of the top specialists. As a result, it is pleased to welcome for the first time Galerie Jacques Germain (Montréal), which specializes in the arts of Black Africa and will, in particular, be presenting kota figures and bamana and sénoufo-toussian masks.

In 2010 the fair will have the great privilege of inviting its visitors to an outstanding exhibition of treasures of the City of Liège Museums, bringing together more than 80 works and objets d’art. Archaeological finds from the 1st century, religious art, Liège gold and silver work, a pair of Charles de Lorraine vases dating from 1776-1777, weapons made in Liège and Murano vases and glasses will demonstrate the wealth and diversity of the Liège collections. They will also be the forerunners of a cycle of exhibitions to be held in the coming years at the City of Liège Curtius Museum, opened this year. The nine paintings acquired at the Lucerne sale in 1939, including masterpieces by Pablo Picasso (La Famille Soler, 1903), Gauguin (Le Sorcier d’Hiva-Oa, 1903), Marc Chagall (La Maison bleue, 1920) and James Ensor (La Mort et les Masques, 1897), will be the highlights of the exhibition.

Antiquarians play a very important part in the preservation of the heritage, and a flagship event such as the BRAFA cannot ignore the problems of environmental conservation. Special attention has therefore been paid to the choice of materials used, 95 percent recyclable; the floor covering, 100 percent recycled; the use of organic paint and wood from sustainable production, and the full recycling of waste.

This ‘green’ touch will also be seen in the overall decoration of the fair, designed with a plant theme by the Volume Architecture bureau.
Finally, testifying to the status acquired by the event and its high level of quality, the fair is honored by the rare Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen.

For more information about the Jan. 22-31 Brussels Antiques & Fine Art Fair visit


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