Conklin pens featured in Dallas Pen Show

DALLAS – The original Conklin pens are true oldie goldies and the go-to-choice of another American classic, Mark Twain. The author of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” “Huckleberry Finn” and other standards was one of the pen’s legions of admirers.

The company began in 1898. Its most famous models were the Nozac, Stylograph, Durograph, Symetrik and those with the distinctive Crescent filler system, which Twain called a “profanity saver.” This was because these early Art Deco models had a crescent disk protruding from the barrel that kept the pen from rolling off a desk.

Conklin was done in by the ballpoint. The original company never made them and ceased production in 1955. However, the name was purchased in 2000 and is now being writ boldly; with the original clip but with new models and styles including filigree overlays, ballpoints and rollerballs.

Originals and new editions as well as thousands of vintage and modern pens, limited editions, ink, ephemera, pen magazines and books are on sale at the 17th Annual Dallas Pen Show, Sept. 24-25, at the Doubletree Hotel near the Galleria.

The southwest’s largest, more than 100 exhibitors from all over North America, Europe, Israel, and the Pacific Rim show, sell, buy and trade ‘zillions’ of pens.

In addition, there will be free evaluation on items brought to the show as well as on-site repairmen, seminars, an on-going silent auction, and super giveaways including Retro 51 20th Anniversary numbered pens and one by Stipula of Italy. ?


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