Happy Mother’s Day

Those of us who come from a long line of collectors have it pretty easy on Mother’s Day, don’t we? We know exactly what our mothers desire. What will bring a smile to their face.

My mom’s mother collected salt and pepper shakers. As a child, I witnessed Grandma’s collection growing but didn’t put two and two together. She was both buying and receiving pairs to expand her collection over time. When Grandma died, she had 400 some sets in her possession.

My mother has a passion for all kinds of antiques. She likes pretty things and sturdy things and practical things, but her heart lies with glassware. If I was lucky enough to find a decent piece of Fenton or Carnival glass, she’d be thrilled with the gift. However, since I am still on that hunt, I give her something she appreciates just as much: information.

If you’ve never checked out our superb line of price guides at Krause, take some time to do that. Our Antiques & Collectibles line offers fact-filled books to cover just about every type of collection imaginable. Shhh, don’t tell my mom, but when I see her, she’ll be getting the latest Warman’s Companion book on Depression Glass.

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– Robyn