Inaugural Premier Collectible Conference & Exhibition embraced by industry and collectors

The collectibles industry is a billion dollar market. The successful completion of the first Premier Collectible Conference & Exhibition (PCCE) that was held in Rosemont, Ill., in April proved that.

The goal of the PCCE is to bring serious collectors and the industry’s most respected sources together in a professional environment that reflects the current state of the collectible industry. Created to address topics, challenges, provide education and discuss trends in the collectible arena, the PCCE is designed to mutually benefit to all participants.

JP Cohen of Memory Lane, Inc says that the PCCE is a welcome addition to the line-up of other collectibles venues. “It has the look and feel of a first-class event not just for me as an exhibitor but also for the collectors who attended.”

“The PCCE provided a relaxed, professional atmosphere that encouraged true collectors to come out and meet with the industry’s most respected exhibitors,” said Bill McAvoy of McAvoy Sportscards.

Friedman said, “We wanted to attract the kind of collector that meant business, literally.” “In the future, Friedman says the emphasis will continue to be on quality rather quantity in terms of attracting increased attendees. He does expect the attendance numbers to rise steadily as the industry becomes more familiar with the PCCE concept and more advanced and investment collectors learn of its many multi-faceted benefits.

In addition to the quantity of high end business that was conducted at the PCCE, the conference earned top marks for the informative and educational aspects it delivered to both exhibitors and attendees. “The panel discussions were excellent,” said Brian Drent of Mile High Card Company. “It was one of the first opportunities I had ever seen where the participants and attendees of a collectibles conference were given the opportunity to actually sit down and learn something from each other. I know I am certainly not alone when I say the exchange was fresh, interactive, exciting and completely innovative in terms of what the industry had ever experienced in the past.”

Already busy working on the details of next year’s PCCE, Friedman explained that just because the event was over its organizers weren’t’ done promoting the event or the companies that were involved. “We expect that for those that participated in the PCCE, the benefits of doing so and being involved in it from its inception will continue to pay off throughout the year and into the next as the excitement builds for the 2009 conference.”

As for what to expect in 2009, Friedman enthusiastically replied that several new additions to the PCCE will be implemented. He said the first announcements regarding PCCE 2009 will be made in early August 2008. “We now know we have started something very special,” said Friedman. “It will be exciting to watch it develop, grow and ultimately serve the collectibles industry as it settles in and matures into its respectable place in the realm of big business.”

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