Is this some funky antique medical pump? This mystery has us stumped!

It’s not every day photos arrive at our offices that make our heads tilt to one side like a dog hearing a high-pitched whistle. This gadget, however, is as weird as they come.

mystery antique 1.jpg“I bought this at an antique store in Southern Indiana a couple of months
ago. It is 15 inches tall. I think the tray on top is pewter. It is 7
inches across.

When you turn the two cranks the top tray rolls around in a
circular up/down motion. The round piece in the middle of the tray adjusts the action – a little more or a little less.

It is heavy cast iron and has no markings at all. I unbolted it from the
plywood base to see if there were any markings underneath the base and
there weren’t any. There is, however, more white paint but almost
all of it is gone from the exposed upper parts. The white paint leads me
to think this might have been used in a hospital. I also think it may
have originally been mounted on a wall since it has an adjustment at the
bottom to adjust the angle of the height.

Everyone that has examined this has has the
same conclusion … some sort of breast pump?? When you grab both crank
handles and lean onto it, it does seem to fit your body in that way.”

Thank you very much

B. & M. F.

Leopold, Ind.

mystery antique 3.jpg
mystery antique 2.jpg

So there you have it. If you know what mystery antique is or know where we can turn for the answer, please contact us at Mystery Antique. The answer will be published in a future edition of Antique Trader.

-posted by Eric




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