Kansas City attracts Society of Antique Scale Collectors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Members of the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (ISASC) will gather in Kansas City, Mo., May 14-18, for their 31st annual convention. Convention headquarters will be the Embassy Suites – International Airport.

Kansas City was chosen as the convention site for its proximity to prominent scale collections. The premier events at this convention will be field trips to four major scale collections including the collection housed at the home office of Fairbanks Scales. Other convention highlights include a silent auction with scales, weights and scale-related items for sale, and a time for show-and-tell, where members bring rare or unusual scales to share.

ISASC was founded in 1976 to bring together collectors of scales to promote the exchange of information, foster friendships, encourage preservation, study and exhibition and to overall enhance the pleasures of collecting. The membership ranges from longtime collectors with more than a thousand scales to the beginning collector with just a few. Some members specialize in certain types and some prefer to collect all different variations of scales. Members are located throughout the world and represent some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of antique scales and weights.

Members receive a subscription to the Society’s quarterly journal, Equilibrium, which is filled with illustrated articles on the origin and history of scales, scales with unusual design or weighing principles and profiles of scale manufacturers. Equilibrium is recognized worldwide as a valuable reference in the field of metrology.

For more information visit www.isac.org, call 612-925-1386 or e-mail rmjibben@hotmail.com.