Lazy days of summer?

Hard to believe it’s already August! Where did the summer go? I didn’t get anything new planted in my yard. Haven’t been swimming. I’ve only eaten watermelon once. And I’ve only been to handful of garage sales all year. Now that’s tragic!

Do you remember when we were kids and time actually slowed down enough we actually got bored?! Do you recall that phrase “lazy days of summer”? What does that mean? In today’s world, do we ever have time to really relax and be lazy? I wish we did.

In reality, if you are like me, a parent of a young child, you find yourself running around to accommodate his social schedule.

If you are a dealer, you are traveling as far as your gas budget will take you to set up and sell at shows and, if time and money allow, supplement your inventory.

If you are a collector, you’re likely guided by that same gas budget, but hopefully can visit an antiques store or shop these shows and keep these dealers in business while, of course, finding your treasures.

There’s no time for standing still in the antiques business. No time for buyers or sellers to be “lazy.” We must keep moving, interacting and transacting to thrive and grow.

What are you doing to avoid summertime blues in the antiques market? Any advice for your fellow dealers on hot sellers this season? Post your comment here or email

Peace and pleasant shopping!

— Robyn