Denver’s Mile High Marketplace launches Collectors Expo

DENVER – Following her success with building the downtown boutique called A Paris Street Market, promoter Stacey Johnson is tackling another large endeavor — consulting for Denver’s Mile High Marketplace. This time, she is charged with building an antiques destination inside the second largest, year around, outdoor flea market in the United States. Mile High has more than 88 acres and serves approximately 30,000 visitors on average each weekend. 

The idea to create a dedicated antiques shopping experience on the grounds came from the customers themselves. “Many of our visitors are looking for antiques,” Johnson said. “In fact, the highest number of searches on our website each week is for “antiques”!  

Johnson is in the process of branding a whole section of the property specifically as “Antique Alley.” Here, Johnson talks about her efforts, progress towards the inaugural July 10-11 Collectors Expo and what she sees in the future.
Antique Trader: What plans do you have to develop the antiques offerings at the Mile High Marketplace. 

Stacey Johnson: Events at Mile High Marketplace’s Antique Alley are a perfect way to introduce both dealers and shoppers to the Marketplace. In the case of the dealer, events allow them to “test the waters” without a long-term commitment.  In the case of shoppers, events provide a time sensitive offer which encourages attendance.  
Antique Trader: What is the Collectors Expo and what can buyers expect to see there?

Stacey Johnson: The Collectors Expo is an opportunity for local collectors (both professionals and hobbyists) to share their passion. Whether it is trains, planes or cookie jars, a low-cost opportunity to exhibit and possibly sell or add to their collection is a “win-win” for the collector and the shopper.  The Collectors Expo will be held at Mile High Marketplace on July 10-11 from 10-5 daily. We are still accepting vendor applications. [Information on exhibiting at the Collectors Expo is available by calling 303-289-4656 or at — Ed.].

Mile High Marketplace is located just 10 minutes from downtown Denver. 

Antique Trader:
What tells you that now is the right time to develop the Mile High Marketplace?

Stacey Johnson:
The Denver community is eager to find unique venues where they can obtain one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes. More importantly, they are looking to purchase at a great price.  Dealers at Mile High Marketplace have relatively low overhead thus can pass along this savings in the form of a lower price than the consumer would typically find at an antique mall or district.  

Antique Trader: What are dealers telling you about your plans?

Stacey Johnson:
Dealers are thrilled to see Antique Alley being treated as a destination in and of itself at the Mile High Marketplace. The Flea Market component of the Marketplace has traditionally been given top billing over the years. Dealers are benefitting from this extra exposure. 
Antique Trader: How has the local community come out to support the growth at the Mile High Marketplace?

Stacey Johnson: The opening of A Paris Apartment created the buzz we had hoped for in the Denver antique community. We tagged the store as an “antique boutique” instead of the “typical” antique store in order to appeal to those looking for more than the traditional antique shop experience.  

In addition, we recently hosted an “upholstery event” in Antique Alley whereby students from the local trade school demonstrated their upholstery skills. The public came out to see the students at work, brought with them their upholstery questions and needs, and even purchased the finished pieces. We plan to do more workshops like this in the near future. ?

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