National Milk Glass Collectors Society 2008 Convention

The NMGCS met Aug. 28-30 in Independence, Ohio, at the Embassy Suites. Over 100 people attended from many different states. Every year a commemorative glass animal dish is sold with the clubs convention site and convention date marked inside. This year it was a 5-inch White Frog.

Tom Felt was a guest speaker on "What To Do With Your Collection." One suggestion was to donate your collection to a museum or offer it to a museum for display. There now is a display of milk glass in The Museum of American Glass in Weston, W. Va. The NMGCS donated a 6-foot by 6-foot display case to the museum to be used for milk glass displays. Tom Felt also gave a very interesting presentation on the I.E. Smith Glass Company—The First 100 Years.

Other guest speakers were Pearl and Dick Lenon, who gave a presentation of Greentown Glass 1894-1903. They brought pieces of glass to help identify the Greentown items from other glass manufactures. They said it is important to actually see, feel and examine the glass to really learn about it. They showed the different colors and patterns Greentown made. Chocolate glass was a BIG success for the company. In 1903 Holly Amber color variations were very popular. They warned everyone to be aware of reproductions.

Carol and Jim Howell gave a very informative talk about "Insuring Your Collection." They suggested checking rates with your homeowners insurance agent or researching companies online. Also you should research the value of your collection by reading publications and checking on eBay or other auctions.

There was a "Show and Tell" where members bring unusual and interesting pieces round during the past year.

Friday the auction was held of approximately 250 pieces submitted by the members. Ed Kuhlman was the auctioneer. The following are a few of the auction’s highlights:

Turtle with Rider $1,250
Black Co-Op Walking Bear $1,025
Poodle Bottle $1,000 Flaccus Baboon $725
Wolf Dog $550
German Duck $525

Saturday included a Dealer Room and Member Tables where many treasures were found.

The Banquet concluded the convention with the very entertaining "Harmonium Barbershop Quartet" as the program.

Conventions are a way of educating yourself, discussing your hobby with old friends and meeting new friends. They are also a great way to examine the glass pieces, browse the Dealers Room/Members Tables and bid on rare glass pieces in the auction.

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Mark your calendar for the 2009 Convention: Sept. 17-19, to be held at The Crown Plaza in Dublin, Ohio. For more information contact Janet Burns: 419-846-8106,, or

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