Observations from Atlantique City

What was hot at AC?

According to Eric Bradley:

As for hot selling merchandise – toy dealers did well all across the
board. Folks were choosy and selective, trying to buy the best toys
they could afford for under $100.

Vintage sports memorabilia was the surprise growth market. We have five
dealers who carry such items and all five reported fabulous shows. But
the dealers sold across eclectic lines: baseball, bowling, football,
cricket, trophies, curling and skiing. I suspect it was because most
individual items were each priced below $400.

Several dealers reported “best ever” sales in estate jewelry, fine art
and American pottery. High-quality costume jewelry ($500-$1,000) was
again an extremely popular segment. One Florida dealer reported $40,000
in sales of complete sets of dinner services in fine china.

Ephemera dealers reported great sales of postcards, vintage travel
posters, banners and advertising memorabilia. A dealer in comic books
reported high sales and a seller of vintage and antique maps (priced
$100-$500) said he was blown away at his sales volume.

Even our junk dealers reported fantastic sales as dealers across New
Jersey sought fresh merchandise to spruce up their inventory before the
summer tourist season starts.

Worst markets: folk art, furniture, American Brilliant cut glass,
European porcelain, Tiffany lamps and vintage clothing. And if dealers
weren’t willing to haggle they had no sales.