Real life antique picker heading to Highwood

HIGHWOOD, Ill. — Real life picker Frederick Klass Jr. is heading to the inaugural Highwood Street Market June 26-27, bringing the fruits of his labor and sharing a bit about the reality of “picking.”

Where’s a good place to pick? We asked Klass. Most antique pickers visit shops and malls as well as private homes, said Klass, owner of Highwood Market Dealer Industrial Evolution, Retail markets like Randolph Street Market and Highwood Street Market, he says, are also a good bet.

“I find deals everywhere I go. My goal at a show is to pick my booth rent in profit,” Klass says. “If I can sell it while I am at the show then I am really happy.”

About Highwood Street Market

Located in the town of Highwood, Ill., the inaugural Highwood Street Market will be held June 26-27. Hours are noon to dusk on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are available for $8 in advance at of $10 at the door.

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