Pier work impacts Stella show

In an effort to keep the Triple Pier Antiques Show on site during the ongoing rebuilding, enlarging, and modernizing of the piers, tented and heated cafes are being built outside on the decks in the rear of two available piers.

Show managers are trying to find every way possible to make space for 500 dealers on two piers. These are dealers who booked space more than 6 months ago. The show will go on, so says Stella Show Management in New York. Space was found on new areas of Piers 90 and 92.

“It’s hard to believe that when most antiques and collectibles events are shrinking we have to use floor plans with 8-foot deep booths, give dealers smaller spaces than they want and squeeze them into every nook and cranny,” Leanne Stella said in a news release posted to the Stella Show Management Web page.

Longer set up times and additional staff will help smooth the way in and out as there will be so many added booths on each pier.

Admission is $15 to the March 18-19 show.

For more information on the show, visit www.stellashows.com, or call (212) 255-0020.