Pottery lovers unite! In Zanesville, Ohio, July 11-18

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – It’s the ultimate art pottery experience: an eight-day pottery utopia that summons those who love and admire this special art form to the city that has become the art pottery capital of the country. This annual pilgrimage, known as the Pottery Lovers Reunion, returns to Zanesville, Ohio, July 11-18, 2009.

The host hotel and center of the activity is the Ramada Inn, where art pottery dealers set up shop, displaying the crème de la crème of the art pottery world. Here is an opportunity for the public to experience and own American-made works of ceramic art. And it couldn’t be more timely. The art pottery world has expanded what with demand increasing as collectors – both veterans and newcomers – not only acquire pieces for their artistic appeal but for their investment potential.

Pottery specialists showcase their collections in separate hotel rooms where everything is for sale. The public is invited to treasure hunt at their leisure from morning until late at night. There is so much to see and purchase that the event spills over from the Ramada to the nearby Best Western Hotel and Airwood lot. Room sales begin July 11 and culminate in a giant two-day show and sale, July 17-18, in the public ballroom spaces on the first and second floors of the Ramada Inn.

A Pottery Lovers’ Auction is scheduled for July 15 at which time Greg Belhorn of Belhorn Auction Services LLC will auction off rare and coveted pieces of vintage pottery that have, in past years, gone for record-breaking prices – most notably, a Roseville Della Robbia, a Weller gnome figural, a 30-inch Weller Eocean vase, Weller figurals, and outstanding examples of highly prized Roseville pieces. The auction will be open to pottery buyers the world over via Internet bidding as well.

The Pottery Lovers Reunion presents both vintage and contemporary pottery during the week. Represented are the potteries from some of the most famous Ohio factories – Rookwood, Roseville, Weller, McCoy, Owens, Hull, Peters & Reed, among others – factories and studios that established the Zanesville area as the pottery capital of America from the 1800s through the present day, along with other pottery companies nationwide, such as Newcombe, Grueby, Teco, etc. The event makes the world of art pottery available to all collectors with something in every price range – from a small Weller pot for $25 to the rare pieces that now command upwards of five figures.

Rounding out the art pottery experience are two additional events that are open to the public. The Zane Grey Museum will once again host an open house with free admission to all Pottery Lovers on Thursday from 1-3 p.m. The museum has wonderful examples of pottery made in the Zanesville area and is a not-to-be-missed experience. The Zanesville Art Center will host a reception on Monday from 2-4 p.m. This is an opportunity to view Art Pottery from the factories of Roseville, Weller, Owens, Brush and other local potteries, as well as the 58-inch vase with irises by Frank Ferrell that was donated to the Center by the Pottery Lovers Reunion.
The Pottery Show & Sale is open on Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is free.

For more information visit www.potterylovers.org or call 423-534-8220.