‘Presidential Experience’ makes a whistle-stop tour

Atlantique City is proud to host selections from The American Presidential Experience, a sweeping exhibit that dazzled audiences at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions earlier this year.

The exhibit offers the public an opportunity to experience first-hand the inspiring power of the Presidency. Tens of thousands of visitors toured exhibit during its stay in Denver and St. Paul, Minn. 

Among the exhibits that were included in the larger collection included C-SPAN’s 2008 Campaign Bus, photos, documents and buttons related to Women’s Suffrage and a 20-foot replica of the Washington Monument.

Atlantique City will host some of the most popular aspects of the larger exhibit. These include a replica of the White House’s Oval Office. Visitors to the exhibit can have their pictures taken sitting behind the “president’s desk.”

The exhibit will also feature a walk-through cabin of Air Force One and a selection of historical documents.

Attendees will also relish an exhibition of the inaugural gowns worn by First Ladies as well as a selection of chairs once owned by the country’s commanders in chief. This includes a rocking chair owned by JFK and a wheel chair owned by Franklin Roosevelt.

The American Presidential Experience exhibit is managed by owner James Warlick. Warlick has had a love of politics from an early age and has opened six political memorabilia stores in Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Washington and Georgetown from 1989 to 2008.

“The American Presidential Experience is for everyone. Adults and children will be fascinated and inspired by the power of the American Presidency,” said Warlick. “Outside of the Smithsonian Museum, the American Presidential Experience is the largest exhibition on the Presidency in the country, and includes a wonderful educational mix of activities while showcasing some of the most important historical moments of America’s rich political history. Everyone will be glad they didn’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Web site:  http://www.presidentialexperience.com/