Rare figural finds bring top dollar at milk glass collector’s convention

DUBLIN, Ohio – The National Milk Glass Collectors Society (NMGCS) met Sept. 17-19 at The Crown Plaza in Dublin, Ohio. More than 95 people attended the convention from across the nation. Every convention features five components: a series of presentations, a “show-and-tell” session, an auction, a banquette and the presentation of a commemorative collectible. This year’s commemorative piece is a 5-inch pintail green opaque duck with the society convention site and date marked inside.

Among the presentations:

Presenter Joyce Hipps spoke about milk glass jewelry. She had a wide variety of milk glass pieces to show.  She explained how they were made, how to tell if it is glass, vs. plastic, where manufacturer’s marks are found, and how to clean glass jewelry.

Presenter Howard Seufer gave a presentation on how milk glass is produced. He invited club members to demonstrate techniques with glass manufacturing instruments used by the professional glass manufacturers. Seufer also presented video clips from The Fenton Glass Company.

Presenter Ed Peterson gave a demonstration titled “Photoshop Our Milk Glass.” In it he showed club members how to take digital photos and download them onto a computer. He also showed how to crop the images and store them on a disc. 

An auction held Sept. 17 included 250 pieces submitted by members. Ed Kuhlman served as the auctioneer.  Some auction highlights include:

The Club’s 1st Commemorative dated 1988

Fox on Logs–$1,500

Santa Claus, Fostoria–$500

Cow on Rectangular Base–$560

Easter Lay Plate–$105

Rabbit in Chariot Plate–$95

Three Puppies Plate–$65

The Sept. 18 session included a dealer’s room and members’ tables where milk glass is sold and traded.

The NMGCS encourages new collectors to join their society. The next convention is scheduled for Sept. 9-10, 2010, at The Crown Plaza in Springfield, Ill. For information contact Richard Weymuth at 816-294-1330 or rickweymuth@yahoo.com. The society’s Web site is www.nmgcs.org.

Photos courtesy the National Milk Glass Collectors Society


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