Shows, shows, and even more shows

Hello all you antiques enthusiasts out there!

I uploaded all the show calendar listings that we have up through the end of the year on the Antique Trader Show Calendar page.

As I was working on that (please be patient … I’m still working on connecting all the links), I realized just how difficult it was to find the information you may be looking for.

I haven’t counted them, but there have got to be a couple hundred antique, toy, postcard, and other shows listed, and someone from Kentucky may or may not be interested in all the shows in Illinois that they had to scroll through.

To make it easier to find the shows you’re looking for, I put a handy little index at the top of the page. All you have to do is click on the state abbreviation, and the screen will pop right to the state (or Canadian province) that you clicked on.

To go back to the top of the page, use your back button on your web browser.

“Easy peasy!”

Click here ( and take the “new and improved” show calendar for a spin; let me know what you think … does it indeed make it easier to use the show calendar? You can post a reply here on the blog (and you don’t even have to register).

I plan on doing the same thing to the auction calendar.

— Karen                   

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