Spring Fever and the beauty of the Rhinebeck Antiques Show

Man oh Man, it was cold this weekend in Central Wisconsin where I huddled up with my wife and sick two-year old daughter. The sort of cold that makes it difficult to go outside. I pictured myself freezing solid, quick, as I dropped last night’s trash in the can out back. I also thought, for one terrifying moment, that the garage door had locked on me. With Lauren upstairs putting the baby to sleep I would have been a goner.

“Why?” I asked myself. “Why?”

While I do believe that you can only really appreciate spring and summer if you live in a place with real seasons, I’m about sick of winter. February is the month that forgot to pay its rent.

With spring coming I’m thinking of all the great shows that I’d like to get to, though my current location makes it a bit tough. I wil get to a lot of local and midwestern shows, but probably not Philly for Antiques Week there. I will, more than likely, make a sojourn to The Pioneer Valley for May Brimfield, just to see old friends, catch up and talk to folks about Trader and this site.

The show I will miss the most, however, will be Rhinebeck. My beloved Rhinebeck Antiques Show. Something so sweet and friendly about this show, the very first one I ever really loved, back when Jimi Barton was still with us, rest his soul.

There’s the unbelievable beauty of The Hudson Valley and majesty of the Hudson River, but there are also great people at Rhinebeck and a host of really good restaurants. My pick? Get the chicken wings at Terrapin Bostro. They are very different, spicy and my most favorite wings ever, anywhere, period.

Bruce Garret and Bret Brandes do a great job with the Rhinebeck show, keeping it fresh and ever-changning. especially as tastes shifts. For years, known best for its folk art and Americana, Rhinebeck has succesfully navigated the minefield of adding modern and design-oriented antiques while featuring some of the best dealers in the nation. There are too many to name, but say hi to Bev and Doug Norwood at Norwood’s Spirit of America, Steve and Lorraine German at Mad River Antiques, and Sandy at Jenkinstown Antiques. I’ll probably hear from the folks that I miss, but – truly – my heart is with this show and I will miss it.

If anybody has any plans to hit any good shows this spring, let me know what they are… noah.fleisher@fwpubs.com.

Happy early spring and GO AWAY FEBRUARY!