The Fiddlers Antique Show

Mark your calendars for March 12-14, when Emerson Events brings back the nostalgia of antiques to the Fiddlers Inn.

Emerson Events LLC is headed by Scott Jenkins, formerly of Jenkins management. While he may be the new kid on the block as a business owner, he isn’t new to the world of Antique promotions. He has more then 10 years experience as an event coordinator. Scott has worked hard to put together a staff of experienced employees to give quality service to both the dealers and their customers.

The Fiddler’s Antiques show will run concurrently with the Heart Of Country show at the Opry Land Hotel across the street.

Jenkins said, “We are so excited! The Fiddlers show will get in your blood, because it is very unique. Where else can you find the ambiance of separate boutiques, within the atmosphere of a small city? The hotel rooms are turned into retail and wholesale shops. There will be outside booth space where the sales action becomes a teeming street fair.”

For more information, contracts and room fees, contact Emerson Events LLC, PO Box 17457, Indianapolis, IN 46217, phone 615-686-8202, or visit

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