Toy Correspondents

   Attending shows is one of my favorite ways to participate in the hobby. Because our offices are based in the


, most of the shows I’m able to attend are located there. But I always like to talk to dealers who travel to the shows I’ve never seen. What better way to learn what’s going on in different states?


   I heard from toy dealer Evelyn Brannock this week. She and her husband are Kansas-based dealers and she offered some insights into the Labor Day weekend show over in

Kansas City



. “There was a very nice selection of toys and dolls at this Kansas City Show,” she commented. Their tin toys didn’t go over very well, but they did enjoy success with the German vintage dolls and the selection of Farmall toy tractors they brought.


   The Brannocks are headed back to the same location this weekend for an antique show where according to Evelyn, We will again be displaying our tractor collection along with dolls and toys and include pottery, depression glass, cookie jars, hull, Hummels, primitive items, etc.”


   I can’t wait to hear how their weekend went.


   If you’d like to become a toy correspondent, click “Comments” below and let me know what’s happening at the toy shows you’re attending.