Vegas hosts gaming collectors in June

LAS VEGAS – Howard Herz began collecting gaming checks and tokens in 1965 as curator of Harvey’s Resort Hotel’s numismatic collections. In 1967, Mr. Herz toured the state of Nevada for Harvey’s and put together a collection of checks and tokens of 99 percent of licensed casino operations in the state. By 1991, Harvey’s collection contained more than 25,000 gaming chips and 3,000 gaming tokens.

In 1984 to facilitate the inventory of Harvey’s collection, Howard began researching the manufacturing process of chips and tokens. This research resulted in Harvey’s Guide to Collecting Gaming Checks and Chips. This guide was followed by the 1995 A Collector’s guide to Nevada Gaming Checks & Chips.

In the last two decades, Herz has focused his interest in the history of gaming in America with an emphasis on the manufacturers of gaming equipment with special interest in the gaming chips and tokens, and in 2008 he will be one of the featured presenters at the educational seminars of the 16th annual Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club, Inc. convention.

For the 2008 CC&GTCC, Herz will be doing the opening seminar on June 18 at 3 p.m.

This year’s convention is scheduled for June 18-21, 2008, at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas; the showroom floor is open to the public starting on the 19th.

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