Willowrush Promotions picks up banner of Lebanon Antique Show

LEBANON, Ohio  – Lebanon Antique Show, one of the longest-running and highly respected antique shows in the nation, will continue Sept. 27-28, now under the management of Willowrush Promotions Inc.

“It’s a well-established show with a long history,” said Gerry Nagel of Willowrush Promotions. “It has traditionally been Americana. We’re going to branch out the offerings this fall. We’re bringing in more in terms of glass, china and porcelain to complement the Americana look, which we think is an asset because it opens up more avenues.”

The twice-yearly Lebanon Antique Show will continue to offer high quality merchandise, said Victoria Tappy, executive director of the Warren County Historical Society. “I like to say these are investment quality antiques. You can buy with confidence from these dealers. You can purchase inexpensive items as well as the more expensive things. It’s just not all high-ticket items,” she said.

“It’s set up in room settings, which is nice because it shows how things were used or how they might look in your own home if want to live with your antiques,” said Tappy.

A special attraction of the Lebanon Antique Show will be Wiebold Studio Inc. of Terrace Park, Ohio, which has been doing restoration work on paintings in the collection of the Warren County History Center.

“Wiebold will be doing an exhibition and demonstration of how they took one of our very old and wonderful paintings, a portrait of the first settler in Warren County. She was very faded, dirty and had a rip,” said Tappy. Wiebold’s exhibit will show the painting before, in the restoration process and after. “The idea is to give people a chance to see that if you find a painting you like, and even though it’s suffering, it still can be brought back to life and still be valuable, if not more valuable, than when you purchased it,” she said.

Lebanon Antique Show will be held at the Bowman Primary School, 825 Hart Road, off Ohio Route 123, on the northwest side of Lebanon. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Admission is $6. The antique show benefits the programs of the Warren County Historical Society.

For information about the Lebanon Antique Show contact the Warren County History Center at 513-932-1817 or Gerry Nagel of Willowrush Promotions, 260-925-4689, e-mail willowrush@sbcglobal.net.