All washed up?

“This is the day we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes. 
This is the day we wash our clothes so early Wednesday morning.”

I was perusing the news wires for auction tidbits today and came across an unusual auction happening in New York. The High Profile Pair in the Square auction will feature – of all things –  jeans worn and donated by celebrities.

I’m not sure who is in the market for celebrity-worn jeans, but at least the sales do benefit a charity – the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation ( That was only part of what caught my interest. They also are debuting a “revolutionary frontload washer and dryer that can clean 4,420 jeans” before needing a detergent refill. My, we’ve come a long way from the days of wringer washers.

Yes, I’ve had my share of pinched fingers and tongue lashings for broken buttons in my day! Some of you know what I’m talking about. You had to take extra care to fold some fabric over the buttons to prevent them from breaking — or just bypass the wringer altogether to be safe. There was always the danger of getting a finger, arm, part of your hair or piece of clothing caught in the wringer. Ouch! Who knew there was so much danger in doing laundry? At least it was an upgrade from pounding rocks — I would have no fingers left to type with if I had had to do that!

After wringing the wash, it was out to the clothesline to hang it up. So tedious! I think I was in junior high when we finally got a clothes dryer. What a treat!! Especially in the winter when the clothes would hang on a rack over the furnace, hogging all the heat. Or if we needed an emergency pair of socks or underwear washed, we’d find them drying on top of a paper bag in the oven the next morning. (Don’t tell me my mother was the only one who did this!)

In the summertime, I do miss it. Sort of. I do love the fresh smell on clothes – sheets and towels especially – dried on the line, but I’m not quite motivated to return to the days of hanging them up. I guess that’s why they invented those special “outdoor scent” fabric sheets for the dryer!

Is there a modern convenience you couldn’t live without? Any wringer-washer mishaps to share? Any volunteers to hang up my clothes? OK, I went too far! Always love hearing from you, though. Leave a comment here or drop me a line at

Be careful out there!

– Robyn