Antique bottle highlights from ABA’s Jan. 18 auction

American Bottle Auctions
baltimore sunburst bottleBALTI MORE-SUNBURST HALF-PINT,  circa 1840-50, graded 9.8, a superior high-quality example. Realized $11,200.
washington bottle
WASHINGTON/ BALTIMORE GLASSWORKS PORTRAIT PINT FLASK, circa 1830-50, graded 9.3. Realized $8,400.
bridgeton nj bottle
BRIDGETON, NEW JERSEY-WASHINGTON BOTTLE, with sheared lip, open jagged pontil. Realized: $10,080.
for our country bottle
“FOR OUR COUNTRY/EAGLE” PINT FLASK, over 150 years old with sheared lip and pontil, graded 9.8. Realized: $14,560.
blue skull poison bottle
POISON SKULL SHAPED BOTTLE, PAT JUNE 26 1894 on base. Tooled lip.
4 1/4 inches, minor damage (hairline crack and tiny flakes) making grade a 7. Realized: $1,800.
bay city soda water antique bottle
BAY CITY SODA WATER CO. SF. Blob top, slight patina,  never cleaned, superior example in 9.2 grade. Realized: $130
chalmers catawba antique bottle
CHALMER’S CATAWBA WINE BITTERS BOTTLE, graded 9.8 and one of the top five western bitters. Realized $19,600.
miller's bourbon antique bottle
MILLER’S EXTRA E. MARTIN OLD BOURBON trademark, the most desired of the Cutter fifths. Realized: $8,960.


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