Auction ends popular Ohio amusement park

AURORA, Ohio – Since 1888 Geauga Lake Park had been entertaining tens of millions of Ohio patrons. Having started as a water park, it is ironic that it has returned to its roots as today all that remains is the Wildwater Kingdom Water Park.

Situated on a private lake one side of the lake was Geauga Lake Amusement Park and on the other was Sea World. Six Flags bought both parks and later sold the complex to Cedar Fair, owner of Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, in addition to other parks across the nation.

Citing a declining attendance, Cedar Fair closed the park moving some rides to its other parks while deciding to continue operating the attached water park.

The balance of rides and related equipment was sold at an auction June 17-18 conducted by Norton Auctioneers of Coldwater, Minn., who specialize in the auctions of parks, carnivals, zoos, museums, family entertainment centers, unusual collections, Halloween haunts and all types of tourist attractions.

 According to David A. Norton, CEO and chief auctioneer, the auction attracted more than 800 potential bidders from across the nation and several countries.

Two ferry boats went for $22,500 each while a 195-foot-tall, 34-year-old Space Tower sold for $13,750 despite needing an $85,000 gear and other upgrades. It will probably be sold for scrap. Likewise, a 31-year-old steel roller coaster was bid off at $27,500.

Other prices realized were a Skycoaster at $92,500, a wood roller coaster at $33,000, a floating bridge at $11,000, kids’ triple water slide at $52,000 and a Huss Bee Kiddie Ride at $22,000. 

The Dino Island simulators fetched $91,500. A Shark Encounter aquarium tank was bid to $42,250, a 1996 raft ride for $38,500, Zamperla balloon ride $17,700, 1987 pirate ship for $41,500 and a Sky Harbor Net Climb for kids sold for $45,200.

The adjoining campground saw 24 assorted camping trailers averaging $6,200 each, a playground set for $3,850, greenhouses from $2,400-$5,200. More than $10,000 worth of trash cans sold as did more than $8,000 worth of picnic tables and pavilion buildings totaling more than $60,000.