Basement find yields $1 million+ in comic book sales

An inherited Missouri home that sold for $65,000 turned out to have an extra treasure hidden in it for the heir — a treasure worth more than $1 million. The heir, who wished to remain anonymous, was a cousin of the original owner, who had purchased and saved the comics during his childhood.

The Nov. 1 and 2 sale of the collection at a casino in St. Charles, Mo., by Mound City Auctions made national headlines with coverage appearing on such outlets as CNN.

Prior to the auction, sellers estimated that the sale might realize $500,000. That estimate was based on an early offer of $50,000 for the comics as a lot.
Tina Weiman of Mound City Auctions said in an interview for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that when the firm hears of such an offer, it tacks on another zero to the estimate price.

She added that interest in the sale was high, with numerous phone calls, plenty of chatroom traffic on the Internet, and bidders flying in from many locations. “We do a lot of auctions, but this has become a whole different ballgame,” she said.

The sale offered more than 3,000 comics in total, with more than 1,000 graded by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC). Bidders from around the world participated in the sale, with reports of several celebrity collectors competing for copies of such comics as Amazing Fantasy #15 (first appearance of Spider-Man), Showcase #22 (first appearance of Green Lantern), Journey into Mystery #83 (first appearance of Thor), and Daredevil #1.

Among the sale’s highlights (all prices include buyers’ premium) were:

X-Men #1, CGC-graded 9.4 (Near Mint), $106,050
Amazing Fantasy #15, CGC-graded 8.0 (Very Fine), $78,750
Green Lantern #1, CGC-graded 9.2 (Near Mint-), $30,450
Showcase #22, CGC-graded 8.0, $17,850
Journey into Mystery #83, CGC-graded 8.0, $16,800
Fantastic Four #8, CGC-graded 9.4, $14,175
Fantastic Four #26, CGC-graded 9.4, $12,600
Fantastic Four #3, CGC-graded 9.0 (Very Fine/Near Mint), $12,075
Daredevil #1, CGC-graded 9.0, $6,930
Fantastic Four #4, CGC-graded 8.5 (Very Fine+), $4,830
Fantastic Four #18, CGC-graded 9.2, $4,462.50
Journey into Mystery #90, CGC-graded 9.0, $3,937.50
Fantastic Four #25, CGC-graded 9.2, $3,910
Journey into Mystery #89, CGC-graded 9.0, $3,795
Fantastic Four #17, CGC-graded 9.2, $3,780
The Flash #119, CGC-graded 9.2, $3,780
Green Lantern #4, CGC-graded 9.2, $3,675
Green Lantern #7, CGC-graded 9.0, $3,465
Journey into Mystery #95, CGC-graded 9.2, $3,412.50
Strange Tales #102, CGC-graded 9.4, $3,255
The Avengers #2, CGC-graded 7.5 (Very Fine-), $3,150

Mound City Auctions is accepting consignments for its next comics auction. More information is available via the Web site at, e-mail, or (314) 680-8599.


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