Classic toy auction at American Eagle

CIRCLEVIEW, Ohio – American Eagle Auction Company will host its 22nd Annual Toy Auction, Feb. 1-2, at its gallery, 20060 U.S. Route 23 North.

A wide variety of toys will be on the block, including examples of nearly every toy category: character toys, windups, 10 cent comics, pressed steel, Japanese tin, farm, trains, 1950s-1960s pedal cars, American Eagle AT 1-30.jpgas well as cast iron and die cast toys.

A large selection of early toy soldiers, Manoil, Barclay and Britains, will be up for bid.

A selection of classic toy trucks on the block at American Eagle Auction, Feb. 1-2.

Toys for this sale have come into American Eagle from across the nation, with more coming in by the day. Highlights include a Buddy L 1920s hook and ladder, a Buddy L hydraulic ladder, a Marx mobil dump sealed in box, plus a collection of the desirable small Marx and Wyandotte cars and trucks, including circus vehicles, all in very good to excellent condition.

Space toys, Western toys, classic comic character toys and Disney toys will also be represented.

For more information, call 740-477-3900, or visit