“Emerald City Stamp Collection” Anchors Heritage’s October Dallas Auction

DALLAS—The $1.5 million Emerald City Collection of U.S. & Worldwide Stamps is anchoring Heritage Auction Galleries re-entry into philatelic auctions. Assembled by a dedicated Northwest philatelist over eight decades, the collection is especially strong in the early 19th century issues, and is well balanced with some exceptional world rarities. The auction will take place in Dallas Oct. 30-31, 2008.
"The Emerald City Collection," noted Heritage V.P. Leo Frese, "is especially strong in the early U.S. issues. The collector, a very private man who passed away in 2007, had collected for 79 years – starting in 1928. He was a steady buyer, even during the Depression, when some important rarities could be purchased at advantageous prices. He attended two to three shows every month, and extensively traveled the East Coast quietly making purchases with no fanfare. His face became well known to the dealers, but no one was privy to the depths of his collecting, and he maintained his privacy even with his many collector friends. Over the years, he would occasionally trade for more significant rarities, but he was never a seller. He was very particular about quality, and took his time when purchasing, but over the decades quantity was certainly added as well. He spent about a quarter of his collecting effort on his world stamps, and was especially proud of his Austrian holdings. His family notes that he was actively collecting even in his final weeks."
"We are currently taking inventory of the entire collection," concluded Frese, "and have begun sending some of the exceptional pieces to Professional Stamp Experts and the Philatelic Foundation."
Some Highlights from the Emerald City Collection (click on the links to view the highlighted lots)

http://www.HA.com/1106-006001&type=prte-pr052108a US#1 1847 5c, Red Brown, Used, Red grid cancel, PSE XF90
US#2 1847 10c, Black, Mint NG, PSE VF-XF 85
US#3 1875 5c, Brown, Mint NGAI, PSE VF 80
http://www.HA.com/1106-006004&type=prte-pr052108a US#4 1875 10c, Black, Mint NGAI, PSE VF-XF 85
http://www.HA.com/1106-006005&type=prte-pr052108a US#13 1855 10c, Green, Used, PSE XF-Sup 95
http://www.HA.com/1106-006006&type=prte-pr052108a US#116 1869 10c, Yellow, Mint NG, PSE XF-Sup 95
http://www.HA.com/1106-006007&type=prte-pr052108a US#122 1869 90c, Carmine & black, Used, PSE XF90
http://www.HA.com/1106-006008&type=prte-pr052108a US#160 1873 7c, Orange vermilion, Mint NG, PSE XF90
http://www.HA.com/1106-006009&type=prte-pr052108a US#189 1879 15c, Red orange, Mint OGnh, PSE XF90
http://www.HA.com/1106-006010&type=prte-pr052108a US#236 1893 8c, Magenta, Mint Ogph, PSE XF 90J
US#261 1894 $1, Black, Mint Ogph, PSE XF90
http://www.HA.com/1106-006012&type=prte-pr052108a US#277 1895 $2, Bright blue, Used, PSE XF-Sup 95
http://www.HA.com/1106-006013&type=prte-pr052108a US#278 1895 $5, Dark green, Mint OGh, PSE VF 80
http://www.HA.com/1106-006020&type=prte-pr052108a US#437 1914 15c, gray, Mint NG, PSE Gem 100
Emerald City covers:




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