Explore a new way to sell online at SeeAuctions.com

A new auction auction house is changing how collectors and dealers connect online. See why SeeAuctions.com is one of the fastest-growing online sales tools.

We know the business.

SeeAuctions was founded by individuals with over 35 years of experience in the antique and auction businesses. Our knowledge gives us the edge needed to make this work; our dedication and drive will be what guarantees it.

Quality authentic items, no reproductions.

Our focus is on the merchandise. We have all sorted through junk listings way too many times, so we have created a marketplace for quality antiques and vintage items. SeeAuctions does not allow reproductions or items under $5, and never will. This site will always be clean, clutter-free, and fun to shop because we know simple is better.

It’s free to sell!

Users will receive one year of free selling. Our goal is to become the leading site for quality antique and vintage items. Selling will be 100% free until we meet that goal!

We help your sales.

SeeAuctions is an online marketplace, but we don’t want to limit your sales just to the site. SeeAuctions can also be used for marketing, networking, promoting your antique/collectible business. We encourage our sellers to make as many sales as possible, whether it’s through this site, their own store, or even another web site…

No commission

We wish our sellers all the success in the world!

No commission on any item, ever. ºWhy penalize the ones selling the most? For those with outrageous bills, SeeAuctions is proud to offer you commission free selling.

Successful dealers sell quality merchandise… Why penalize them when it’s our goal to have the best antiques on the Internet?

Choose how you want to get paid.

Our sellers are smart enough to deal with their customers. We will never tell them how to how to accept a payment, but our goal is to make it easy, so we have built custom invoicing with full integration of Google Checkout & Paypal payments.

Flexible auction ending styles.

Choose how you want to end your auction!

SeeAuctions offers multiple ending styles for our seller’s auction listings, letting them choose which one is best for their business or particular item. Auctions can end right on time, or extended a few minutes, letting buyers go back and forth just like a real auction! It’s up to you, the seller.

Fair and free featured listings.

We don’t charge extra money for our featured listings, even on the homepage! We use a formula for displaying items with the most traffic, ending soonest, just added, top of the line items, and recently sold.

SeeAuctions allows sellers to charge less and still be more profitable then they were before. We’re 100% dedicated to making this business fun again.

For more information, visit SeeAuctions.com.