Folk Art, Americana at Willis Henry

MARSHFIELD, Mass. – Willis Henry Auctions begins its 2008 auction season on April 19 at the Dedham Holiday Inn with a Folk Art/Americana auction gathered primarily from an estate on 5th Avenue in New York City.

Diamond Quilt AT 4-16.jpgThis diamond quilt is just one of the good pieces on the block at the April 19 Willis Henry Auction.

Amish quilts, carvings from New Mexico, advertising in tin and paper, as well as early American country furnishings were prominent in this 10th floor apartment overlooking Central Park. Collections featuring Uncle Sam and American flag images, chickens and roosters in banks, toys, cast iron weights and shooting gallery pieces, a Hopalong Cassidy collection, “Popeye” tin games, enameled Kodak signs, and early baskets will also be sold from this significant estate.

From a home in Middleboro, Mass., came an undiscovered folk collection of fully carved and painted figures, animals (tigers), Native Americans, fish (as a mounted bass with carved scales), birds as ducks, owl, songbirds, woodpeckers and decoys, Abe Hopalong Cassidy AT 4-16.jpgLincoln, and cowpokes, all in original painted finishes. From an estate in Connecticut comes an early dovetailed pipe box with clay pipes, a miniature Hingham firkin “CH” in green paint, an 18th century gathering basket in green/patina, Treenware in paint, Peaseware, an 18th century tavern table, and an early 19th century portrait of a young lady.

American samplers and furniture including a child’s blanket chest in original green paint, decorated chairs, and early tables and chests, folk art rugs and weavings and fine prints are drawn from a Duxbury, Mass., estate overlooking the bay. Also from a home in Duxbury came an exceptional 19th century model of a whale ship dory with a carved whale underneath giving the boat a “Nantucket sleigh ride.” It is completely fitted with oars, harpoon, buckets, and is in original paint.

Lincoln AT 4-16.jpgCarved Abraham Lincoln from a private collection.

Game boards include a checkerboard table with folk-carved lion base; a carved wooden “Locomobile” with figures; a Navajo flag mat dated 1949; a painted jester ball toss game; and a polar bear hooked rug are pieces coming from New Hampshire. A collection of 18th and 19th century Santos figures from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Southwest are also to be sold, as well as carvings from Africa and New Guinea.

Iron toys and tin games, and a collection of German candy containers (pumpkin heads) will also be offered.

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