Nearly 2,000 pieces of gas and oil petroliana available May 17-22, 2011 in Indiana

MARENGO, Ill. – Nearly 2,000 pieces of gas and oil petroliana, rare porcelain and neon signs and soda pop memorabilia will go up for bid during Dana Mecum‘s 24th annual Original Spring Classic Auction, May 17-22, 2011, in Indianapolis, Ind. Mecum will offer over 400 items from the Mike Guarise Collection, such as high-end gas- and oil-related pieces and rare neon signs that this well-known enthusiast has acquired over 30 years of collecting.

Warman's® John Deere Collectibles
Warman’s John Deere Collectibles

Also going up for bid will be items from the Zeb Morris Estate, whose collection of memorabilia features 700 items ranging from a 1954 Merita bread sign highlighting the Lone Ranger to a 1920s John Deere sign, 1950s Coca-Cola coolers and vending machines all offered at no reserve.

“These well-known collections feature some of the finest when it comes to original memorabilia, and we are excited to bring them to our flagship event at Indy this year to give fellow collectors the opportunity to own a piece of nostalgia from the hundreds of items these gentlemen have gathered and displayed as part of their hobby,” said Bob Sain, memorabilia specialist at Mecum Auctions.

Due to increased demand for these items, Mecum’s Memorabilia Auctions will run May 19-May 22 in an exclusive dedicated auction ring adjacent to the Champions building where the vehicle auction will simultaneously take place.  Interested buyers will be able to preview the items on display all week long.  Online bidding will also be available and consignments are currently listed at

The Memorabilia Auctions will be presented in the following format:

  • May, 19 – Approximately 250 items of assorted varieties of memorabilia.
  • May 20 – The Zeb Morris Estate Collection of nearly 700 pieces will all be offered at no reserve.
  • May 21 – The Mike Guarise Sign Collection, featuring over 400 items and some of the finest petroliana collectibles, will go up for bid.
  • May 22 – Approximately 250 assorted rare parts, featuring the Paul Dehnert Estate Parts Collection that will be offered at no reserve.

Mecum’s Original Spring Classic Auction takes place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and is open to the general public with tickets available for $15 per day.  The auction broadcasts on live national television as part of the company’s successful series, “Mecum Auto Auction: Muscle Cars & More” on Discovery Communications’ HD Theater.

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