Historic Aviation Collection Up for Bid on Internet Auction

Since a young age, Harry Block traveled the country personally meeting with epic figures of aviation history. During the visits, his heroes were often so impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge they let him keep a memento of his visit as well as subsequent correspondence that would often continue for years.
This amazingly diverse collection includes items spanning the history of aviation from the Wright Brothers to Operation Desert Storm. A piece of the casket of Manfred von Richthofen (a.k.a. The Red Baron) is included, as is an actual piece of the ill fated dirigible, the Hindenburg. Material from Charles Lindberg, Amelia Earhart, legendary generals, fighter aces, and pioneer pilots make up nearly 400 individuals represented in this museum quality collection.
Manion’s CEO Jody Tucker is honored the Block family chose his company to handle their father’s historic collection.
harry block auction"I feel it speaks to the unique ability of our auction to deal in these types of items," said Tucker. "You don’t just turn a collection of this magnitude over to just anyone; the fact that the Block family chose Manion’s is a source of pride for us."
According to the family, many museums have expressed interest in obtaining this collection, including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the United States Air Force Museum. Numerous collectors, investors, and auction houses have also expressed interest. After considering their options, the Block family decided Manion’s International Auction House would broker the sale of the collection.
The Harry C. Block Historic Aviation Collection special auction closes July 20, 2008, with a second special auction soon to follow. To learn more about the collection, and view items currently up for bid, visit www.manions.com and click the "Wright Brothers to Right Now" banner in the center of the page.

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