How much is a weekend with the Pawn Stars worth?

Of course, like anything, it’s worth what someone is willing to pay.

Right now, apparently the price tag is $14,667.89, the final price hammered in a 10-day eBay auction that ended last night, as 29 bidders battled it out racking up a whopping 62 bids before the auction ended.

100 percent of the monies received will go to support the YMCA of Southern Nevada, a nonprofit organization founded in 1944.

The winner and their guest will be flown to Las Vegas and put up at the Palms Casino Resort for a three-night stay. While there, they’ll join the Harrisons and Chumlee for dinner and a poker tournament (the prize package includes $1,000 in Palms Casino Resort chips).

Read the full Pawn Stars Weekend auction details here.

The next day will be spent as an intern at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop … how exciting would that be — to be part of the pawn shop crew!

Congratulations to the winning bidder! Feel free to drop us a note and share your experience. And our hats off to the Harrisons, Chumlee, the Palms and all involved – including all the bidders – for teaming up to raise money for the YMCA.

We’ll be curious to see if more events like these are forthcoming.

For breaking Pawn Stars news, follow Rick Harrison and Chumlee on Twitter.

— Posted by Karen

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