I tried not to do it, honest I did…

… but this has to be one of, of not the strangest collectibles that I have ever seen. The thing is, too, that it sold for $150 on eBay, and that this designer does custom jobs on My Little Ponies, bit that she didn’t have any open slots right now (the emphasis is mine).

My. Little. Pony.

There is a certain undeniable deviant quality to it, which is why I ultimately couldn’t resist posting the link. I’m a sucker for Outsider Art, and always like to see what kind of things there are subcultures for out there. And trust me, if you like to collect things like weird ’70s collectible plastic ponies, then deck them out like you favorite video game characters, then, well… You’re a sub-culture. Face it. More than that, you’re a subset of the whole freaky doll subculture, which is another thing unto itself that is best left off these pages. Trust me, though, it exists.

This is a link to an auction watch at a blog called Gamer Tell
,and the “art” comes from a deviant artist named Anime Amy, who is good at what she does, even if it borders on the absurd, which may just be the point…