Just for fun: What would the rest of the suite look like?

Picture this: a bed fashioned in the form of a loaded hamburger — cheeseburger, actually.

Handy Kayla Kroma fashioned the bed after being inspired by the movie Hamburger, where students sleep in hamburger beds. She and her bed have been the subject of several news and magazine articles, and now this “world-famous” bed can be yours!

Part of the eBay listing:

Own the world famous

starting at the VALUE MENU price of $.99

The Hamburger Bed has been featured in 7 magazines and over
100 web blogs- including the front page of Digg.com!
It has over 12,000 fans on it’s facebook page.

The bed is up for sale on eBay (LEARN MORE about the hamburger bed). The current price is $570.

So what do you think? If the bed’s a hamburger, what should the rest of the room look like?

Baked potato chair?

Oh, by the way: The pickle’s not included …

— Posted by Karen Knapstein