Kjos-Hansen estate to sell at Cyr, March 12

GRAY, Maine – All objects tell some kind of story: where they were made, who and/or what company made them, who owned them and so on. The furniture, accessories and books that belonged to the late Arnold and Aase Kjos-Hansen speak of whaling voyages, Norwegian fjords, determined Nazi resistance, and a new life in America. These items, along with works of fine art and furniture from the Victorian age will be sold at Cyr’s March 12 Auction.

Some of the furniture that sailed from Norway to Maine with the late Arnold and Aase Kjos-Hansen in the 1950s was already well traveled. Cupboard AT 3-12.jpgAase Kjos-Hansen’s father, Captain Hjalmar Christensen, was captain of a whaling ship and bought furnishings in various European ports. Later, the tall clock, dressing table/chest, and desk were all present in Aase’s family home during World War II, when her family supported the Nazi resistance by providing shelter and food to Norwegian soldiers skiing across the country with information vital to the war.

This cabinet, from the Kjos-Hansen Estate will sell at Cyr, on March 12.

Aase married Arnold Kjos-Hansen, a Norwegian Marine Engineer accomplished at rowing who represented Norway in the Olympics. He served as a lieutenant commander in the British navy during World War II. The couple and their two daughters emigrated to the United States in 1956, taking with them belongings passed down from the Christensen family and the Kjos-Hansen family. Among their things was a set of books by Nobel Prize-winning author Knut Hamsun, published in Norwegian, which are currently quite rare. Though Hamsun was quite popular, especially after he received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1920, many Norwegians destroyed or sent their books back to Hamsun during World War II due to Hamsun’s perceived collaboration with the Nazi regime.

The Kjos-Hansen furniture and books, along with an assortment of other fine art, jewelry, Victorian furniture, porcelain and art pottery, will be sold at Cyr’s March 12 Fine Arts & Victoriana Auction.

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