Lifelong collections in Laminack Estate to be sold at auction

GALLATIN, Tenn. –  On July 4th weekend, the remaining estate and personal belongings of longtime collector and dealer Lana Laminack will go on sale at absolute auction. Ms. Laminack passed away this past fall at the age of 67. Many buyers, dealers and collectors throughout the country will recognize her as a fixture on the collecting and antique seen for many years. Ms. Laminack’s estate consists of a range of personal and household items to a cornucopia of antiques ranging from jewelry to glassware to collectibles and more.

A lifelong collector and dealer of antiques, Ms. Laminack got the “bug” at an early age. For her, most of the fun came from the thrill of the chase and the adventures that surrounded her many buying trips and “runs.” Her son Gregg comments, “I got the bug at an early age as well. Some of my first memories are of her teaching me about salt dips of all things.  For me, the fever continued and I still collect many things to this day. Like Mom, I like a lot of the odd stuff—especially pop culture and antique advertising. And many of my best finds came on some side road out in the Midwest somewhere with Mom in the lead.”

Ms. Laminack collected everything from carnival and Depression glass to unusual furniture to jewelry, purses, smalls,  and more. After she retired, she began dealing antiques extensively and along with her many antique booths, participated in many of the monthly shows ranging from Ohio to Kentucky to Tennessee and Georgia. In the mid ’90s, her late husband Herb joined in the adventures and they traveled and showed together throughout the Midwest and Southeast. Her friends and customers knew her simply as “Lana” and hers was the booth that everyone liked to hang out in. She was quick-witted and quick to offer advice and insight to collectors young and old.

Lana was also known for spending great amounts of time hunting down pieces for customers missing that one last piece to complete a collection or group. Her daughter Barbara Morrison vividly recalls the time when one particular customer was simply overwhelmed by something Lana had finally found for her. “We were at the New Year’s show in Louisville, just sitting around talking when this lady came up in a wheelchair accompanied by a younger man. Mom stood up and called her by name and said something about having it for her. Well, Mom pulled out this beautiful carnival glass punch bowl with all the cups. I thought the lady was going to have a heart attack! The lady stood up, started crying and everyone seemed elated. The interesting thing was afterwards Mom said she felt bad charging so much but that she had a lot in the set. I’d say from the way the lady reacted, she was just grateful to finally have it and price wasn’t the issue.” Ironically, Ms. Laminack picked up another carnival punch bowl and cup set a few years later and it is one of the featured pieces in the auction.

Commenting on the estate, her other son Keith gushes over much of the furniture in the sale. “Barbara and Gregg always loved the purses and the advertising and what not. But I was always about the furniture. We had a knock-down wardrobe for years that I just loved—except for when we had to move it! I talked her out of an amazing buffet a few years ago, but there is still some amazing pieces left. The Jackson Press is probably my favorite. Although I have to admit the barber’s chest and the two old rope-bottom beds are cool as well.”

Items in the estate to be auctioned include carnival, depression, Czech, opalescent and many other types of glass; Assorted china including numerous patterns and an extensive collection of Geisha Girl China; Furniture including a Jackson Press, early gaming tables, settees, rope beds, barber’s chest and other pieces; an extensive assortment of perfumes, jewelry and beaded purses; numerous small collectibles including sewing items; and much, much more.

The sale is being handled by Priority One Real Estate and Auction. They can be reached at 615-824-0044. Their Web site with more details of the auction is