‘Legendary’ petroliana collection up for bids Oct. 5

DENVER, Pa. – Dan Morphy, founder and president of Morphy Auctions, announced today that his firm has been chosen to auction the prestigious Kyle D. Moore petroliana collection, now owned by a

Musgo gasoline sign

Musgo Gasoline porcelain advertising sign. Kyle D. Moore collection. (Photos both courtesy Morphy Auctions)

private investor. According to Morphy, it is the most valuable collection ever to pass through Morphy’s doors, having an estimated value of $15-$20 million.

The collection will be dispersed in a series of four or five auctions, with the opener slated for October 5. Subsequent auctions will be held in 2016, starting with a January session.

Containing more than 900 gas globes, 150 vintage gas pumps and 2,000 petroleum-related advertising signs, the collection was amassed over a 40-year period by Moore, a cable TV entrepreneur who died in March 2014. Eight years prior to his demise, Moore sold the entire collection to an Oklahoma businessman.

“Even though the collection belongs to another individual, it is so famous within the hobby, it is still widely known by the nickname ‘Kyle’s Collection,’ ” said Dan Matthews, head of Morphy Auctions’ Petroliana department. “After the collection was purchased, the buyer decided it should remain at Kyle Moore’s house. It was a wise move, since the collection was purchased as an investment and was secure and well cared for right where it was.”

Independent Gasoline pump globe

Gas pump globe advertising Independent Gasoline.

Matthews said he had visited the collection at Moore’s home seven or eight times over the last 15 years and that it is “the greatest of them all – the Holy Grail among collections of its type.” There are signs worth up to $100,000 apiece and pumps worth as much as $30,000, Matthews said.

“We are honored to be handling such a prestigious and highly regarded collection,” said Morphy, whose Lancaster County, Pa., company holds world auction records in many categories, including antique advertising. “The market for petroliana is red hot right now, and the Kyle Moore collection is the best of the best in terms of quality, rarity and condition. We’re expecting a very exciting series of sales.”

Auction items will be on display at Morphy’s gallery approximately 30 days before each auction session, as well as online at www.morphyauctions.com.


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